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Something so thrilling that you feel it in the pit of your stomach and your anus puckers up, too.
Have you ever gone skydiving? It's a real buttpucker!
by Mica M November 21, 2007
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Describes tightening of one's anal sphincter muscle as a result of experiencing of experiencing something extremely awkward, uncomfortable or thrilling. It is used in the same way as the expression "to get a pit in one's stomach" where stomach muscles cramp due to undergoing the same set of feelings.

While relatively rare if the distress is too much both butt puckering and a pit in the stomach can occur at the same time.
His butt puckered because he realized that she might have find out he was sleeping with her sister.

Whenever I ride on the roller coaster or bungee jump my butt puckers.
by ma_man March 05, 2017
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When a wet butt hole breathes and loosens up before it is fucked.

When the hole is so relaxed it is open for fucking
Will you please pucker your butt so I can insert myself into it? ;)
by Timothy Tool July 11, 2004
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An object or circumstance that causes intense fear or pain.
β€œThat jump looks like a real butt pucker”
by Kojack Jo June 07, 2019
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