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Round eyes.

Round eyes shaped like buttons, instead of zippers. Also shaped like a butt hole.

The opposite of zipperhead.
Cracky: "Hey zipperhead, stop buying our houses, our lands, our national debt."

Chinky: "It's not our fault you butthole eyes walking corpse are too dumb and incompetent to compete on the world stage, buttonhead. We own you now. Stick to what you know, vaginal rejuvenation. Are you also going to get an eye-juvenation too to get rid of your flappity flap vagina eyes or cunt eyes? It's all you know, breast implants, penis implants, face tightening, nose jobs, and other plastic surgeries you care about so much in LA. You crackers are freaky, turning your body into mutilated flesh."
by White Corpse October 04, 2012
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Can be either a person or an action; Someone who makes a wrong decision; Doing something stupid without thinking through the consequences
Terry Grant says, "Those two are a couple of buttonheads for going that way!"
Ihor made such a "buttonhead" move for even thinking Mantracker can survive without Terry Grant
by golligee333 April 04, 2011
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