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Terry Grant is an expert horseman, seasoned outdoors man, experienced ranch cowboy and respected tracking professional from Alberta, Canada. His keen instincts, intense character, and specialized skills have made him a crucial member of the Foothills Search and Rescue Team. He is known as one of the best guides in northern British Columbia, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories. Grant’s fame led to him being invited to train British soldiers how to spot improvised explosive devices (IEDs) hidden in the ground in Afghanistan. He is also experienced in carpentry, custom furniture and home renovations.

Terry Grant is now known as a Canadian icon after starring as himself – the “steely-eyed cowboy” in the reality-based television series “Mantracker”. Terry’s wit, mannerisms, personality, intensity and bush-tracking expertise got and kept the attention of viewers, and a large, loyal fan base across North America and European countries has taken hold. He has introduced the English language to what his fans call “Terry-isms” – his unique impromptu figures of speech, such as “buttonhead”, and “rotten smiler”. Kids idolize him and “Mantracker” is a popular game in many back yards.

Terry is one cool cowboy who can be intense yet personable, funny yet cocky, smart yet humble and appealing to people of all generations and ages....who else can educate us on the art of tracking, and expand our vocabulary at the same time!
Terry Grant "likes the loud ones, cause sometimes they squeal when I catch 'em"
by golligee333 April 01, 2011
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Can be either a person or an action; Someone who makes a wrong decision; Doing something stupid without thinking through the consequences
Terry Grant says, "Those two are a couple of buttonheads for going that way!"
Ihor made such a "buttonhead" move for even thinking Mantracker can survive without Terry Grant
by golligee333 April 04, 2011
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