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A highly enforced compliment in relation to successfully executing a smooth maneuver such as a "grind" or "slide" using a skateboard on the surface or edge of an obstacle.
Dayuuum dawg that kickflip backside feeble to backside tailside backside flip revert out was buttery steeezin yo!!
by Dave "CPR" F. November 16, 2003
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A known skateboarding term used as an adjective to describe someone with amazingly good style. Someone with buttery steeze can pop a kickflip down el toro and make it look like they didn't even try, or don't care at all. Usually having "Steeze" (Style + Ease) involves not really moving your arms at all when doing a trick, which is incredibly difficult. Being "Buttery" is really just being an overall baller or boss and rolling away with no tick-tacks and giving a homie a high five on the way out. Strangely, most of the people in the skateboarding world that have Buttery Steeze are usually black, not sure why. Theyre just overall more baller than white people, i guess.
L'twanio: Yo, main, did you see that guy pop that kickflip down el toro? He made it look easier than making a fat guy get all sweaty!

DeShaun: Yeah, dawg, that brutha had dat buttery steeze.
by BillyB123 July 20, 2010
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