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a racist term for people of white color. It is used as an insult. This word is forbidden on television and on all other forms of entertainment. This word has not been heard since the 1990's. The origin of this word is from a white boy eating butter from a tree and he just wouldn't leave the tree. He was a racist calling people who walked by a term of their color
That buttertree stole my money.

A buttertree was stealing drugs at school today.
by Sonicblack February 22, 2008
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This is a racial slur towards white people during the days of slavery. The farmers would have the black slaves plow the fields and while the farmers children would sit the trees. Butter was so plentiful that the children would throw the butter at the slaves so they can work longer and stay moisturize under the extreme heat.
That white boy is a buttertree.

Buttertree're so rich you aint got 99 problems like that boy from the hood.
by Bob Burgers in Lancaster May 18, 2015
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