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Term given to a lady who shows off a beautiful, perfect face; but the body (or, bod) is a different story.

The word is butterface's cousin. See butterface.
Adam: "WOW! Check that bank teller out..."
(Bank teller stand up to grab a file)

Adam: "Oh darn, she's a butter-bod."
Jason: "Yo dude what's wrong with that? I like butter."
Adam: "No, no...everythings nice but-her-bod, so she's a butterbod."

Let's roll.

Moments later-

Jason: "...Duuude look at that find lady by the mustang, those gotta be Double D's!
(woman walks closer.)

Adam: "Aww no man. She's a butter-face."
by butter-boy August 04, 2009
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A female with an attractive face connected to an unattractive (usually fat) body.
While I'm having sex with my lady-friend, I can't look down because she's a total butterbod... pretty eyes though.
by AlligatorTater October 18, 2007
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Used to categorize a shamefully chunky girl with a knockout face. Used disparagingly.
Ex1: "Dang, ol' bitch ova dere be a butterbod, son! Needa be doin some pushbacks!"

Ex2:"I'd give her a hurtin' ,if she weren't such a butterbod"
by TooTrue August 25, 2008
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a female who has a really pretty face and would be totally hot if she wasn't over weight.....everything about her is good... but her bod.
1. is she good looking?
2. a little bit...she's kinda a butterbod
by alex and robbie December 01, 2008
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