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The end of the bread that no one wants. Located at the begining and the end of the loaf. The first and last peice.
Greg : "¿I made a sandwich Jessica, do you want it?¿"
Jessica : " made it with the butt bread, no thanks!!!"
by Gezzikita August 18, 2006
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when a male or female try's to hide there love handles by pulling there sweats or leggings up and making there ass look like the end piece of bread that no one wants.
"ew that girl has butt bread"

"ew he has butt bread"

"do she got da booty" "no are you serious she has fucking butt bread for days"
by roman salad February 23, 2015
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One of those farts that one tries to hide, after it slips out at an undesirable time, by closing ones legs together. Only to eventually give itself away by the signature scent of a diaper with a dead cat covered in week old Indian food. Just plain foul.
Guy #1: Oh dude!! WTF is that God awful smell??!!
Guy#2: Huh, what are you talking about? I don't smell anything.
Guy #1: Aww man!! Are you over there baking some butt bread or something??!!! Next time warn me before you do that crap!
Guy#2: Damn! I was hoping it wouldn't make it over to you. Sorry bout that bro!
by TheDude41780 September 28, 2017
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