A fun game you play in middle school and high school. You ask your friends to help you find a perfect butt during passing period. You point out butts until your friend says it's nice or something. You just look for a perfect one for your taste.
Austin: Let's go butt hunting!
Me: Okay, shoot.
Austin: Okay how about that butt?
Me: Nah, it's to wide.
Austin: How about the other one?
Me: Nah, it's too old.
Austin: How about the one on the left?
Nah, it's too saggy.
Austin: How about that one?
by I<3Sgt.Frog October 12, 2010
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it is when a man goes hunting for ass, this is when you are looking for somthing for the night and you go butthunting and you find some nice ass,then you go after it and try to get it for the night

for women this term is the same lesbians like ass to right well not all so the few that do go out hunting as well for ass which is called butthunting
example: ryan "dude i went butthunting last night"

Nick "really find anything"
ryan "no just fat black ass's"
nick " srry man"
by mr.smarterass May 25, 2009
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