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Someone who identifies as a woman, and is romantically and sexually interested in other women (that's the "lesbian" part) AND who dresses, acts, or speaks in ways that many people in society consider "masculine" (that's the "butch" part). A butch lesbian is likely to feel more comfortable with short hair than long, and likely shops in the men's department a good chunk of the time. But, as with all identities, there are lots of exceptions.

Generally, butch lesbians do not want to BE men (women who want to be men are called transgendered or transsexual). Nor do butch women hate men, as it is sometimes thought. Many butch lesbians believe that men make terrific buddies (they just aren't interested in men as bed buddies).

There are many kinds of butch lesbians. A few stereotypical types include "motorcycle butch," "sporty butch," and "metrosexual butch." More on these later, perhaps.
Frank: That Rachel Maddow is one butch lesbian!
Bonnie: Nah, she used to be, but she wears women's suits with pink shirts underneath now. She used to wear ties!
Frank: For real?
Bonnie: Yeah, she was way hotter when she was more butch.
by sunsetninja March 31, 2010
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A female that looks/acts/smells ridiculously like a male. They typically have short cropped hair and dress in man pants, baggy shirts and vests, or ugly sweat suits. And in addition to this nature they are also lesbians. They can often be found wearing fanny packs, riding motorbikes, teaching math class and making unnecessary references to their 3 sons.
Tash: "Our math teacher, Mrs. Maphee - do you think she's a lesbian"
Me: "Absofuckinglutely. And a butch one at that"
Kris: "Butch Lesbian. Let's put this on"

All: "Good plan. We'll warn them what to look out for"

Grade eight was not a good year for us.
by MissPandtastic October 03, 2008
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