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bustleton is a tuff ass neighborhood in ne philly people in bustleton get crazy as shit, go to fun as parties with some bad ass Latina girls from Washington, and fuck bitches on a daily People from all over philly come to bustleton to drink, fuck bitches, and party cause bustleton is tuff as shit
oh shit, some niggas from bustleton are coming to jump us

Bustleton Philadelphia?

Yeah bro!

Oh shit we Dipping
by Bustleton Nigga June 16, 2017
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A holy path that stretches itself through the region politically labled as “Northeast Philadelphia”. The true name that was given to this land many Insomnia nights ago is Yuratopia. It was named after a being of higher power known only as Yura Benz of Renardia. Yura Benz of Renardia is accredited to be the silent creator of these lands. Few have seen him, and yet they still worship his great power. He has a dedicated gathering of followers that meet at the blessed soil that surrounds the Gates of Gold. He is only visible during the night and strictly seen protecting the lost souls of the Gates Of Gold. He has one known devoted servant who is commonly referred to as “Nikitalus of Kensingtopia”. Nikitalus was so devoted he claimed himself unworthy to serve him and lived in exile until he could summon an army of warriors known as the Addicted-Ones. Their ranks were quickly decimated by Yura of Renardia and once more he reminded us that we no match for his power. Nikita was forever banished to Rehabia. To reward the unshifted faith of his followers he created a house of worship and named it “Benny the Bum’s”.

“Protect us from peril; claim us as your children, forgive those who insult and doubt Thou holiness.”

-Biggie of Netcostia, 328 AD

This information was sourced from an accuratly translated document of the Scripture of Onyx.
Let’s take bustleton down the way and reup on some dope. Crack is on me today; I found a drill tip set just laying there right in the middle of Home Depot.
by Davesorkin January 22, 2018
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