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When someone tries to tell a joke that actually isn't funny at all and that person laughs at their own joke and tries to make sure that you understood his/her joke. And then, he/she will lean into you or elbow you just to double check to see if you didn't get the joke.
An amiable person will give the joke teller a courtesy laugh although he/she doesn't even deserve one.
Bob: Why'd the chicken cross the road?
Mike: Why?
Bob: Cause it was hungry and wanted to eat some bbq chicken!
Mike: oh...
Bob: hahahahahahahahahahahaha, lol, rofl, lmao
Mike: that's nice...
Bob: you get it? the chicken ate bbq chicken and crossed the road cause it was hungry!!! hahahahahahahahahaha
Mike: yeah, i got it.
*Bob leans into Mike and laughs
Mike: wow, you totally just busted a geng...

...Bob goes to a nearby person and tells the same joke in hope of meeting someone who laughs. However, he will most likely bust a geng again.
by Robert Fulhamson November 28, 2006
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