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Someone who searches wooded areas in local parks for homeless camps or other squatters,this may sometimes be the police, sometimes a resident from a nearby neighborhood, or occasionally another homeless person. Bushbeaters almost always do so with ill intent, either to force the squatters to move on, trash the camp, or to rob them of whatever is not nailed down.
Bum 1: "Good thing I got back to camp when I did, a couple 'a bushbeaters came through lookin to mess with my shit!
Bum 2: Man, that woulda sucked, big time, pas me that bottle!
by deltoru June 15, 2008
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Someone who constantly "beats around the bush".
Mom: "You know Jess...why don't you like him? What did he ever do to you"! ?
Jess: "He's a fucking bush-beater...can't ever be just a simole "YES" or "NO". See how simple that was"?!
by Abby+Gromm April 07, 2017
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