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the clever combination of the words Busey and Boo (word often used to express affection in a cutesy way)

1) the only term that appropriately refers to the one and only, Gary Busey.

2) an expression used in situations such as imagining Gary Busey in the nude, or admiring the utter insanity of Gary Busey.

3) an interjection used in the unfortunate case when Gary Busey pulls the endocrine system out of your body.
Gary Busey: Hiiiiii everyone >:D
Everyone: Hello buseyboo♥

Person A: Did you see that video of Gary Busey in a straight jacket?
Person B: Yeahh man! I saw it and I just said "buseyboo!"

Gary Busey: **pulls endocrine system out of your body**
by buseybabyXO February 07, 2010
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