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a slang term originating from norwood aka 'poorwood' massachusetts used by middle class kids to describe busch lights, typically a 30 rack. can also be used to describe other light beers such as bud light or coors light, however this is less common.
Joey foxxx: Dport we gotta hit up the packie, what u want?
$port: How about a 30 rack of busch lattes.
Joey foxxx: I love where your heads at.
by YankeesSuckScalRules April 09, 2010
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"In college I did a lot of bowl searching."

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"He's probably bowl searching."
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Typically refered too by midwesterners. Busch Light is to be consumed any time after noon, while Busch Lattès are consumed in the morning. Typically drank by midwesterners during "day drinking" hours where drinking normal Busch Lights are unnaceptable.
Definition: Day drinking hours are considered by midwesterners to be a time to consume Busch Lattè

"You guys trynna day drink today?"
"Fuck yeah chubs ill go up to Casey's and Grab the Busche Lattè and a slice of meat lovers"
by Alexander Hammeredton July 24, 2019
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When you and the bros start the day drinking early and you have to make it sound better then alcoholism. Often times you use the term to describe a early morning awaking, like coffee.
I was enjoying a freshly brewed Busch latte early in the morning on game day. My Hispanic friend Chavez enjoyed a modelospresso.
by Bigbrachcock11 April 25, 2017
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Cool way of saying Busch Light beer 🤘🏼
Hey dudes are we hitting the links? We better pick up a 30 rack of Busch latte
by Sigarms45 August 20, 2018
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