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a slang term originating from norwood aka 'poorwood' massachusetts used by middle class kids to describe busch lights, typically a 30 rack. can also be used to describe other light beers such as bud light or coors light, however this is less common.
Joey foxxx: Dport we gotta hit up the packie, what u want?
$port: How about a 30 rack of busch lattes.
Joey foxxx: I love where your heads at.
by YankeesSuckScalRules April 09, 2010
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When you and the bros start the day drinking early and you have to make it sound better then alcoholism. Often times you use the term to describe a early morning awaking, like coffee.
I was enjoying a freshly brewed Busch latte early in the morning on game day. My Hispanic friend Chavez enjoyed a modelospresso.
by Bigbrachcock11 April 25, 2017
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