The answer to every question on Playstation 2's Jeopardy!. Actually, since you need to answer in the form of a question, every answer is: "Who is Burt Reynolds."
Alex Trebek: "The Capital of South Korea."
Jeopardy! Contestant: "Who is Burt Reynolds?"
by William Stephens April 22, 2006
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A limousine. Spawned from Adam Sandler's character in Happy Gilmore seeing a limo and saying, "Whoah, must be Burt Reynolds or something." This was shortened to just "Burt Reynolds" when pointing out a limo.
"Hey, did you see that Burt Reynolds outside the building?" or also acceptable, "Hey, Look it's Burt Reynolds."
by Grant Osborn January 30, 2005
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"I'm totally Burt Reynolds."

"How much did you have?"
by Sanias June 19, 2005
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When having anal sex, pull out your dick and lay it across your partner's upper lip, thereby resembling a big brown moustache, similar to that of Mr. Burt Reynolds.
I refused to kiss my girlfriend, after I gave her the old The Burt Reynolds.
by The Old Burt Reynolds April 6, 2008
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When you give someone a Hot Carl, cut out a strip in the plastic wrap so that the person's upper lip will be exposed. After you shit on the person, remove the plastic wrap and they will be left with a Burt Reynolds mustache. For advanced Hot Carlist, you can try a Freestyle Burt Reynolds. This is where you try to place a big fat turd on the upper lip without the help of the plastic warp.
Yo, dude! He just placed a big ass Burt Reynolds on that chick.
by bokeypunk October 18, 2006
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When u make u are giving it to a girl doggystyle and u eat a steak off her back at the same time
I haven't talked to Lisa after i gave her the burt reynolds.
by nbctk June 23, 2006
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An actor in the 1990's who faded away slowly. Nobody knows who the hell he is, except for adults. His name can now be used for anything, good or bad.

This term is easier to use than Chuck Norris, Yo Momma, or That's what she said.
1. That bitch gave me a Burt Reynolds in the parking lot!
2. Wow nice job on that math test, looks like you pulled a Burt Reynolds.
3. Don't call me dumb, who the fuck do you think you are? Burt Reynolds?
4. Person A: Oh man this is hard.
5. I'll meet you over by Burt Reynolds
6. That guy is so crazy he's like Burt Reynolds
by Batman1820 May 3, 2007
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