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1. to post an annoyingly large number of pictures to a social media platform, most commonly being Instagram; usually followed by losing a massive number of followers due to the flood of posts from the same account.


2. a flood of posts to a social media platform from a single account, often inciting anger and irritation followed by hitting the "unfollow" button; rightly so.

Guy 1: Yo, you got Insta?

Guy 2: Yah, but I only use it to burst dump like once a year.

Guy 1: Oh, weird... *quietly unfollows Guy 1*


Girl 1: Ugh, did you see Chad's Insta? You should totally unfollow him.

Girl 2: Uh, why?

Girl 1: Because he only burst dumps and never replies to me.

Girl 2: Ew, really? What a loser.
by The Dude Abides, Man May 10, 2018
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