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what one may experience after a long night of drinking, or eating lots and lots of sugar before bed.
-hey man, let's take a morning jog

-not today, my burning diarrhea this morning left me with old school diaper rash
by johhnycash June 19, 2008
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When your Diarrhea burns your butt hole as it's coming out. Usually happens after you eat a lot of spicy food and the extra capsaicin decided to leave the hard (or soft, liquid) way.
Emi: Did you see Luke?
Mitch: Nah, he's back in his dorm with a bad case of Burning Diarrhea.
Emi: Oh shit that sucks. What did he eat?
Mitch: Day old B-Dubs.
Emi: Oh, well he should of say that coming.
by Morella Persidone October 12, 2011
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