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The torrid result of when a woman has eaten a fast-food burger saturated in grease and laden with ketchup, onions, mayo, and cheese. After she's digested the food, the resultant odor eminating from her vagina could quite possibly kill the frail or infirm, though it may also induce hunger and a desire to locate the nearest McDonald's in some people.
"Dude, I was making out with her in my Z28 when all of a sudden I was like 'oh shit, did I drop a burger in here last night or something?' Then I realized it was burger cooch."

"I went to go down on her, but as soon as I got those pants off it was like I was face-to-face with a rancid fucking burger. She had burger cooch, man. Oh, jeez, everything still smells like onions to me..."
by don_tardo August 01, 2009
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