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A notorious gang located in inner city Birmingham(Handsworth, Aston, Lozells).
Don't stay out too late, the burger bar boys are bound to be lurking around.
by Jermaine Campbell February 08, 2005
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A Black gang from the inner areas of Birmingham (Handsworth, Winson Green, Moseley, Smethwick, Small Heath, Aston, Bordesley Green and Lozells). They are known for their gun crime and drug dealing. Their biggest rivals are another Black gang, the Johnson Crew, as well as various Asian gangs, such as the Lynx Gang and the Muslim Birmingham Panthers.

Subdivisions of the Burger Bar Boys include the Handsworth Town Crooks (HTC), the Blood Brothers, Real Man Dem (RMD), the Ghetto Hustla Boys (GHB), and the Raleigh Close Crew (RCC). These crews are recognised by wearing red bandanas or a red t-shirt or jacket. Another group, the Small Heath Mans (SHM), wear the same things but in purple.

One of the larger and more notorious subdivisions of the Burger Bar Boys is Birmingham's Most Wanted (BMW), who wear green bandanas and t-shirts. They are well known for their phrase, "Stay Mean, Stay Green," and some members have tattoos which sport this logo. This gang has been responsible for many power struggles within the Burger Bar Boys, and some members have been known to have defected to their biggest rivals, the Johnson Crew.
The Burger Bar Boys became well known after a gunfight with the Johnson Crew left two girls, 17 year old Letisha Shakespeare and 18 year old Charlene Ellis, dead, on the 2nd of January 2003. The attack took place for the retribution of the murder of a Burger Bar gang member, Yohanne Martin, a month earlier.
by Birmingham Tour Guide March 17, 2008
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