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Bunk-balls refers to a situation where two men are having sex with one woman, double penetration style where the woman is riding one gentlemen as he is lying or perhaps sitting, and the other gentlemen is penetrating her while he is behind both of them. Variations are acceptable as long as it creates a situation where the bottom man's scrotum lies beneath the top man's scrotum, stacking them vertically like bunk beds. Hence the term, "bunk-balls".
Steve: "Tyler, see that chick over there?"

Tyler: "Yeah, the hot one?"

Steve: "Yeah, the one with the bubble booty giving me and you the "I need DP-face".

Tyler: "Yeah, I see her. Damn she is smokin hot."

Steve: "Yep, I got four words: me, you, her, bunk-balls."

Tyler: "Dood, that's five words."

Steve: "Well, the bunk-balls is hyphenated."

Tyler: "Oh, I see, but does that make it one word?"

Steve: "Dood, shut up, who cares, go get her number so we can rub shafts later."

Tyler: "Sweet, ok."
by T-Hood t.c. December 11, 2009
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A sport created in the early 2000's. Using a tennis ball and a car. The best place to play is in a parking lot. The creaters were Adam M. Pete T
and Tim S.
With all the windows down in the car a player (usually the passenger seat position) throws the ball with a great amount of force. The Driver then navigates the car to a position where one of the players has a chance at cathing the ball. If you catch the tennis ball. Start over and try again. The games ends when you dont catch the ball and the driver doesn't feel like stopping to get it.
by Tim July 09, 2004
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