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a sock to put around the dick to catch jizz from you jackin off
eww man dont leave your bunk socks on the floor
by john mac - da mack dawg October 05, 2004
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A sock used by men when masturbating as so not to leave behind a mess
sock over male area when jacking off, bunk sock
by Jazzy™ October 24, 2005
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When at a camp, and you lay in your bunk, all quiet and all, and you get the hornies. You know the feeling wont go away, you know that you must expel the feeling from your hot sweaty body. so after you quietly lean down and take off your left sock, careful not to make the bunk bed creak. after slipping it on your meat-wad, you masturbate until you gush inside. after filling the sock full. you whip it around above your head (like yer a badass cowboy about to rope yourself a native.) and then release and let it slam against the wall, and if you did it right, it will stick to the logs. also if you are feeling a little devilish, you can whip it and hit a sleeping bunk mate in the face rendering him useless for any funhouse activities the following day.
Madhouse Mickael pinged his bunksock upon lazy larry's forehead after a sensual release of Aleks.
by gloria glovebox August 14, 2006
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A sock used By a group of guys To Cum in so that they dont leave a mess on a Tour Bus or something similer
Dude the Bunk sock is Full...I'm not cleaning it
by Seen July 12, 2004
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