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when someone is perfoming anal sex the bit of the penis left out of the anal passage is the bum tang
yeh i was conciderate so i left out the bumtang
by running out of names here February 07, 2007
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A nasty ass vagina which has begun to smell like decaying filth.

It is nearly impossible to manage to completely avoid coming across a bumtang at one point in your life.

Often left unnoticed until it is too late.

Also known as a waste-gash
W. Churchill - Well leutenant, did you pound that pussy last night or what?

Leutenant- Sir, i managed to retrieve the pussy but was surprised when it turned out to be a complete bumtang and was forced to retreat.

W. Churchill - leutenant, we all face some waste-gash at one point in our lives, but when going through hell the best thing you can do is keep going.
by Megalow February 16, 2010
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