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Strikingly similar to Blitzkreig, Bumkreig is where thousands of German men invade your passage by force and fucking rape the living shit out of you. Initially the tiny Germans penetrate, preferably midgets. Followed closely by the big bastards who tear your defences to shreds, leaving you wounded and bleeding to death... not nice
Billy: "Me and the wife decided to go on our honeymoon to Stuttgart"

Chancellor Yang HSing Chung III: "whilst there we went on a WW2 Tour of blitzkrieg"

Billy "But we were tricked into an all out bumkreig tour"

Chancellor Yang Hsing Chung III "I was raped like the little chinese women i am till i couldnt walk and i still live here in Stuttgart bleeding from my weeping wounds"

Billy "Thats true Sandy. She shits bricks, no lie"
by John Sunshiner January 25, 2007
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