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An infection of the bumbacrease often passed on to humans by bumbagoat causing inflamation of the rectum an secretion of a pastey green and yellow liquid which smell bears resemblence to fried fish and poo often resulting in a slow and painfull death by blood poisoning and internal bleeding.Sufferers also appear more attractive to the native bumbawasp which uses there anal cavity to construct a complex labyrinth used to store food which is later used throughout the winter seasons and for general snacking purpose. other symoptons include developing a taste for 80's electo rock and skin tight lycra cycling shorts and halucinations often involving visions of the holy lord of the bumbagoats bill-ay-rass this phenominon has never been scientificaly explained and now has a cult following.
"wa appen bobby unu look sik na man"
"cha man fed the bumbagoat earlyier now me feel fuckry"
"ooo ooo a bumbajitus dat there unu fe dead come away from me cha!"
by sven 52 September 11, 2006
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