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1) Someone who is strangely fascinated by the butts of other individuals, be they either male or female. Some bum-lookers are preferentially attracted to the bums of the opposite sex, while some may be homosexual in nature. Other bum-lookers are simply fascinated by the asses of both sexes.

Bum lookers can often be ashamed of their ass obsession, as this can also extend beyond the realm of human exchange to that of animals. The deeply invested bum-looker can also become overwhelmed by the visual addiction to the butts any animal, such as dogs or cats, horses and other farm animals. Bum-lookers cannot help their strange perverted fascination with the behind. Anytime a situation arises when a new interaction takes place between the bum-looker and another individual, the bum looker may not be able to emotionally seperate his feeling toward the ass of the thing he is talking to and the face or head of the animal or person. When the bum looker looks at the face, all he really sees and can can consider is the butt on the other side of the individual. In fact I would surmise that some bum-lookers are actually not only perverts, but also a bunch of emotionally infantile, anally-retentive retarded buttwhifs.

2) Another definition would be someone who looks like a bum but possibly isn't actually homelesss. This kind of bum-looker just looks like a bum. People who don't shower for weeks at a time are often "bum-lookers".
"I don't know 'bout you guys but I prefer a girl with a nice ass... As long as its plump and round, somethin' fer me to squezze and bump up with when I do her... thats what I like. She can be tall or short, redhead or brunette and have little of big tits, but I dig the butt..."

"Yeah, you know Tom and I know you Dick. We know how obsessed you are by ass... Sometimes when we watch you we notice..."

"Dick's a Bum-looker, Harry. Don't cha know?", says Tom. "He's can't stop himself from staring at peoples butts. He's indiscriminate. I've caught him looking at my grandma's butt dude, and that's just gross... I've even caught him looking at your ass sometimes Man. What's up Dick? You scopin' out tha dude-tang?"

"Hey FUCK YOU, TOM!" Say Dick.

"You Bum-looker!!", Says Harry. "Whats you fuckin' problem? Are you fuckin' queer or somethin', man?"

Suddenly a hot sexy goes walking by and all three get distracted. Dick is tranfixed as he becomes caught in the trance of some blonde jogger with her plump-bouncy sweet co-ed butt-cheeks. Then just as suddenly, out of the blue some fat ugly biker chick Decks Dick right in the jaw, and he falls off the park bench to the ground in a daze, seeing stars, quite bewildered actually...


"Well shit man," says Tom to Dick. "I guess that's what you get when you can't control yourself..."
by PennyWennyJenny October 30, 2014
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