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Bum beer is related to Bum wine, however the "beer" part is actually a misnomer as it is Malt Liquor. Usually purchased with panhandled coins, or money made from recycling scrounged cans and bottles. These are usually found in the singles cooler for $2.50 or less, available in either 40oz bottles or 24oz cans, and oft times covertly consumed in the parking lot of the establishment where it was purchased. Well known brands of Bum beer in the western United States include such favorites as Steel Reserve, Camo, and Hurricane. Special flavored variants sexist for certain age sets, ethnicities, as well as gender. These include Joose, Four Loko, Colt .45 Blast, as well St. Ides. The things these have in common is the cheap price, and the high alcohol content. Also, consumption is a requirement to live in Roseburg.
Ray-Ray must of pawned his Mom's teeth, he's got a bag full of Bum beer and smokes. Or, Don't buy none of that Bum Beer. It gives me the shits.
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by Chongo February 20, 2017
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The beer that bums buy, with their hodge-podge of coins and wrinkled, depressing bills. Usually obscure, depressing brands that make up in alcohol percentage what they lack in flavour, or anything out of the singles cooler.
"Why'd you buy Extra Old Stock, brah? Man, that shite is bum beer that makes my tongue tingle."
by SeaBat June 11, 2006
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