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1. It means that something bad is going to happen, or that something is being created or built that will soon get out of hand. A monster like that made by Dr. Frankenstein.

2. A great album released in late 1984 by former Eagle Don Henley that spawned several really good hits like "Sunset Grill" and "All She Wants to Do is Dance". Tipper Gore in her dunderheaded wisdom bitched that the title track glorified the Anti-Christ, showing once again what an ignoramus she truly is.
1. If we keep fucking up our planet's ecology system we're building the perfect beast, it's gonna strike back at us. WE NEED TO STOP RAPING OUR MOTHER EARTH NOW!

2. Don Henley's "Building the Perfect Beast" and "The End of the Innocence" albums both scored several hits and were widely and critically acclaimed. Then he joined his fellow ex-Eagles in a series of reunion tours that ripped people off and set the standard for tours with extortionate highway robbery ticket prices. In 1995 his excellent greatest hits album came out. In 2000 (which was a very rotten year for music to start with) he finally released a new solo album. It wasn't that hot. Here's hoping that he'll return to his solo career for good, beause he's made some intelligent and damn good music on his own.

by I Saw U2 Live Twice May 03, 2007
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