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Original phrase "bucket list babe," which means: A woman so complete in her capacity to fulfill every man's deepest desires that a mere smile from her in person would whiteout your entire bucket list, movie actress and viral video and comedy sensation Lauren Francesca further defines it as her role as a Charity Ambassador for the popular URL Shortener, OneCent.US, which donates 90% of its advertising revenue to charities, a main effort in 2011 being to build a water tower for Mara Nomads in Tanzania, who today suffer from severe outbreaks of cholera, dysentery and malaria because of unsafe and unsanitary water sources, often requiring a 10 mile round trip daily walk to bring home as little as 5 gallons of water for drinking and cooking. The West African Nomads carry the water in 5 gallon used paint buckets, of a rainbow variety of colors, except for Indigo.Lauren is occasionally called "Bucket Babe" as a result, and she is cited as the original "Bucket List Babe."
Who in their right mind wouldn't drop a few pennies or loose change in the donation bucket to help build that water tower for the at OneCent.US when they get a look at Lauren Francesca, their hot bucket babe?
by OneCentDotUS on Twitter January 12, 2011
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