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The official instant messaging client of Brooklyn Tech, also known as "Brooklyn Technical High School." This renown chat has dedicated members from all around the world. There has been over 9,000 members. Several factors make bthschat a unique chat, deviating from the ever-conforming, generic internet chatsphere. The chat offers planned events and reconciling comfort upon exiled members of former cliques. Upon entering the chat, visitors observe the diversity of the chat (70% Asian, 30% Other with 100% of them being asiaphile). Topics of discussion/debate range from simplistic anime passions to perplexing political themes. Many members welcome newcomers with hospitable idioms. The typical bthschatter is nice and friendly. On the other hand, beware of the infamous sexican "hey-sus."
~You have just entered room "bthschat."~
~Random bthschatter 1: OMG OMG OMG HI!~
Random bthschatter 2: Heyy buddy! Welcome to the chat! ^^
~Random bthschatter 1: LOLOL TH4NK U!"~
Random bthschatter 3: no problemo
Random bthschatter 2: lol.. (^___^)v
~Random bthschatter 1: Lol.."~
Random bthschatter 4: SAUCE! 1 kI!l3th ZE3ERG,..`~!
Random bthschatter 5: hey weeaboo.. U LIKE FISH?!
~Random bthschatter 1: OMG EWW!!1~
Random bthschatter 2: lols kawaii ^^;;
Random bthschatter 6: ... Instead of wasting within these trivial ramblings, I think I shall be the first to address the latest political vicissitudes.
Random bthschatter 4: OMG PROTOSS FTW!11one!!1eleven!!!one1!1
~Random bthschatter 1: Cool beans. I think I like this chat!~
by JosephY June 03, 2007
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