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An aggressive, sarcastic, condescending, rude and overgrown dinosaur found very rarely in today's world.
Brytan bullies midgets and madachis with excessive tallness and brute force.
by MidgetLovesYouPleaseDontEatMe February 10, 2014
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Brytan is the most amazing girl you will meet. She is so kind and loving. She will make you the happiest you could possibly be. If you meet a Brytan you're in for a treat. Brytan is the best. She is genuine and down to earth and is one in seven billion. Brytan is also the most gorgeous girl ever. Brytan is flawless. She's the best girlfriend ever. <3
Hey is that Brytan? Ahhhh she's so perfect
by Papa_smurf193 December 04, 2017
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