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In baseball terminology, a brushback is a pitch, often used for intimidation purposes, thrown near a batter's head. A pitcher will throw a brushback if he thinks the batter is crowding over the plate, is being a showboat, or for retaliation.

Brushbacks can result in warnings, ejections, or even bench-clearing brawls.
Nolan Ryan threw a brushback at Robin Ventura years ago...and then proceeded to administer a grade-A asswhoopin' on the poor guy.
by howlincoyote2k1 February 25, 2007
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The act of accidentally brushing your penis against the toilet seat / bowl when sitting down.
A: Man, I went to take a shit and got brushback when I stood up.
B: Dude, weak.
by toomanyswans January 03, 2015
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A high velocity and popping turd, which when leaving your asshole, gives your nuts the sensation they've been "brushed back" by a Bartolo Colon fastball.
After eating like a fucking pig at the Asian Buffet restaurant, he received a brush back from the greasy, gook food.
by King Sulphur May 19, 2006
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to disagree, to overrule, to brush aside.
In an unambiguous brush-back to his former colleagues Obama said, “You know, the days of just pork coming out of Congress as a strategy, those days are over.”
by a.h. guillaume December 07, 2008
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To refute, reject, deny or disagree with a position or argument made by another to advance their agenda. Cross-reference,
brushback, e.g., the brushback pitch in baseball to reclaim the corners of the strike zone from an encroaching batter.
The position advanced by the Applicant was refuted and rejected by the Examiner citing typical brush-back "Laudatory" denial language as set forth in the statute and case law.
by a.h. guillaume October 08, 2008
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