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Broxton park is a school filled with evil devil children. In the bathrooms they just shit all over the place! Like i don't know what kind of bowel explosions are happening but there but it's just traumatizing, you will occasionally find blood in the bathroom, I don't even want to imagine why... But the teachers aren't any better, the enjoy stabbing people in the back and making the shit school even shittier, I didn't know it was possible. Then go on what they call "rabbit trails" this is when they talk about random shit and say it's educational, it's often a sob story and I'm just like "OMG I don't give a fuck! Just shut up and let me not have to endure your sob story!" A teacher said "here are my car keys go grab my Pepsi and come back in" lol, Broxton is odd. Teachers at broxton park are like, " when I was 10 I was bullied" and then start crying and then I'm just like " OMG I don't give a fuck, like stop your sobb story and grow up.
I teach at broxton park so I basically fuck my students in the ass all day long.
by LikeWhy June 21, 2016
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