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Like the long, round narrow space that is used by some men, particularly farmers, to pack hay into, this cavity is also of roughly a similar shape, but on a smaller scale. It is also used for packing purposes by certain men who exhibit homosexual tendencies, particularly by the force exerted through the oscillation of the shaft of their penis. It is described as brown because of the burnt-amber coloration of the stool that sometimes adheres to the glans of the penis during its oscillatory motion, as well as other objects that are inserted, such as carrots and gerbils. The term may or may not be used when the two or more males involved in the interaction have romantic and emotional connections with each other.
Bruce: Hey, you sexy thang. Do you know what the most romantic part of me is??

Evan: It's your brown silo of love, right hon?

Bruce: That's it, baby. Now bust out that love muscle o' yers!
by Agent Napalm February 28, 2014
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