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The eleventh month of the year, formerly known as November.

Brovember is a month dedicated to guys doing "guy things" such as watching football, going fishing, climbing mountains, and grillin.

During the month of Brovember, a man is exempt from feminine activities in order to strengthen the bonds between his bros.
"Sorry guys, no poker tonight. My wife wants me to go the opera, tonight."

"You serious dude? Today's the first of Brovember!"
by johnnyrox November 01, 2007
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Formerly named the month of November, Brovember is a month dedicated to all of the Bros out there.
Fire up your lifted truck and throw in some Kottonmouth Kings because Brovember is SO on, Bro.
by Broho11 November 03, 2010
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a certain month every year dedicated to the bro. Each man shall celebrate his fellow bro. surprise party, gifts, man hugs, etc... this is a completley straight occasion where you simply commemorate the bros in your life. life is nothing without bros.
Happy Brovember bro!
by egy-g July 28, 2010
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A cool but yet dorky way to say 'November' around your bros
Dude#1: *see's his buddy in the hallway at school* " Hey ** you now what today is ?!!

Dude#2: " err ... no .. ? "

Dude#1 " Brovember 1, 2011"!!
by nomorebieber November 01, 2011
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the month of celebrating PewDiePie, and all the fellow bros.
Bob: Hey, you gonna see the game tonight?
Bro: No, sorry, but it is Brovember, so I'm going to watch some PewDiePie videos instead.
by ShawnShyGuy November 06, 2013
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