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Brooklee is a funny, outgoing, yet sensitive person. She will always stick to her sisters side knowing she will be with her forever.
Girl One: hey have you met Brooklee?
Girl two: no
Girl One: oh that really sucks
by Cherry3h January 05, 2018
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Amazing, beautiful, and all around perfect She will stick by her friends side if they are the right one, don't hurt her or she will hurt you, she is very rare so if you find one, you better keep her close
Girl 1:Hey do you know a brooklee,
Girl 2: no why
Girl 1: that is really sad
by Bb8lover21 June 30, 2018
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She is a beautiful kind of person, she is one in a million. She is a kind, intelligent, leader, and adventurous. She also has a great love for a good education and music. She is also the funniest person you will ever know.
1:What is the best thing you could do for yourself
2: become famous?
1: become friends with brooklee
by Bb8lover21 October 12, 2018
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