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Shortened term meaning "brother from another mother"; a non-biologically related brother; exceptionally close friend
"Check out that guy who looks just like Gabe... brofam?"

"We've known each other since kindergarten. That dude's my brofam."
by Sophia_Klein January 23, 2010
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A family of bros. You know the type, because it seems every neighborhood has one of these families. Usually it starts with the huge 20-foot trailer they park in front of YOUR house, forcing you to have to park in front of your neighbors house, making them mad as well.

Another characteristic is the perpetually unkempt front lawn, long and full of weeds because they only mow it once every 1000 years, or they just let it turn brown and die, turning it into the neighborhood eyesore. Not to mention all the soda bottles, cans, candy wrappers, toys, and all manner of junk left on the lawn by the bro kids.

Speaking of the kids, these uncivil bros-in-training always seem to be on an unending mission of riding their motobikes and quads at high speeds through the neighborhood streets with little regard, making it dangerous to impossible for other kids to simply play out in the street without getting hit by these little monsters. Not to mention the noise they make speeding their way through the street, usually while you are taking a nap or trying to enjoy dinner.

Then we got the bro fam pets, dogs, often viscious, that bark incessantly ALL NIGHT LONG, driving you to near-insanity from lack of sleep. But nobody ever complains or contacts authorities on the bro fam because of fear of retaliation.

Basically the neighborhood bro fam makes life on your street hell!
I had to park on the other side of the street because the bro fam parked their 20-foot trailer in front of our house again.
by D.L. Crosse March 08, 2007
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