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A religion in which all guys (bros) believe in getting together to bro-out...
Bros before Hoes is a key part of the Brodism religion
by P-dub3 October 04, 2007
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The religion of Bro's. The Church of Sainted Bro's is the only church in the world that practices the teaching of the great and only Brosph Christ. It is legend that Brosph lives in the deep jungles of Cabo and rides his golden jet-skis through the rivers giving rides to bro's for century's.
Gabe: I just joined the Sainted Church of Brodism, would you like to join me in a trip to Cabo.

Shaun:MY BRO, CABO..........jetskis?

Gabe: And bitches, don't forget the Bitches.
by Mormonfox May 04, 2013
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