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1) When an unexpected clusterfuck happens at a large radio station. Seeing coworkers with large egos get their panties in a wad.

2) To penetrate a random girl, usually not so smart, at a large radio station late at night, and the humor is that she thinks it's "cool" b/c you work at a large radio station. This has to occur AT the station.

3) To fuck an intern, usually not so bright, who works in the marketing and promotions department at a large radio station. This can occur anywhere.

4) When your large radio station absolutely beats the shit out of the other stations in the market in the ratings, comparable to fucking them in the face.

5) Any lucky bastard who works in radio, still gets paid very well, and loves his/her job
1) Arch got stuck in the elevator coming back from his smoke break. It's a broadcast fuck with no one talking into the stopset and the weather jingle playing for two minutes.

2) I brought that girl Bethany back to the station last night broadcast fuck (ed) her in the newsroom. The overnight crew walked by, looked in the window, and all they saw was a pair of damn legs high in the air and me giving it to her over the console. Gettin' me some strange.

3) Molly wants a broadcast fuck. I might take her in the station truck, get in the back and fuck her from behind, put on the mascot head midway through, tap her on the shoulder and scare the hell out of her.

4) They are making fun of us on the air again with their new imaging. Don't they realize that we broadcast fuck them in the face on a daily basis, getting higher ratings that ALL of their stations combined?

5) We all are some lucky broadcast fucks. Wouldn't it suck to have a real job?
by SnakeArnold July 22, 2009
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