a bro guy is a chilled out pot head who just chills with his friends and smokes pot. He/She also wastes alot of time, doing things such as oragami or sitting on the computer. Anyone who smokes with them is likewise considered a bro-guy.
Chad: "Hey man, wanna chill with Jimmy?"
Bernard: "Yea man, he's a total bro-guy."
by titsmcgrits August 14, 2009
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a man or woman who is in with the bros
She wanted to be a honorary bro guy so she posted her fortnite #1 victory royale on her snapchat story.
by therealbroguy March 4, 2018
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A person who:
- is relatively attractive and seems to come from money or hippy parents or both.
- calls everyone bro or bra
- wears flip flops and surf shorts EVERYWHERE. May or may not wear a baseball or trucker cap.
- is tan and might be multi-ethnic but usually white
- listens to Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz and Dave Matthews. If over 30, listens to Hootie and the Blowfish, Chumbawumba and Blues Traveler.
- gets drunk weekly, if not daily and might urinate in someone's yard.
- isn't necessarily a chauvinist but thinks of all women as attainable. Similar to a Romanticist.
- is a part time surfer or sky diver or bungee jumper. Not usually a skateboarder or a rock climber but is friends with some. Isn't football fanatic but is ok with pretty much outdoor activity.
- is a metrosexual with hair and hygiene products but is not a clean housekeeper.
- appears shop at urban outfitter but doesn't seem to buy his own clothes because he never has money.
- wears puka shells. Is partially into most Eastern cultures accessories and spirituality, especially if it will appeal to cute hippy or sorority girls.
- drives just over the speed limit. Isn't in a hurry and doesnt pay attention to where he's going.
- plays a lot of a specific kind of video games (game cube) but not all kinds.
- not a geek or nerd but might have a skill
- is emotionally careless and completely unreliable.
- might have a pet but someone else takes care of it.
- does laundry at his mothers house or ex girlfriends
- eats healthy and is environmentally conscious. sort of.
- does not go to a gym but is somehow in shape.
- has a medium sized ego which appears as opportunism but not real ambition.
Jeff Spicoli from "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" is a douchey bro guy.

Dick Casablancas on "Veronica Mars" is a douchey bro guy.
by Dot C December 8, 2007
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