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Brigada (Russian: Áðèãàäà), also known as Law of the Lawless, was a Russian crime miniseries which debuted in 2002. It became very popular and received great reviews. The miniseries follows the story of four best friends from 1989 to 2000, mainly concentrating on the leader of the group, Sasha Belov, played by Sergei Bezrukov. The fifteen part miniseries was written by Igor Porublyov and Aleksei Sidorov and was directed by Aleksei Sidorov.

The author of "Brigada" ,the original book wrote a series of sequel novels, which had Sasha start a new gang but it was met with lack luster reviews by critics who said there was no chemistry between Sasha and the new gang like there was between him, Pchela, Kosmos, and Fil. However the book is still considered an interesting read for whomever enjoyed the first part.

by Ivelina Totkova April 10, 2007
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