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Street performer who uses bricks for feats of dexterity. see busker.

Quick-thinking thief or con man.

Reply artist, excuse artist.

Someone who can quickly respond to any situation or accusation with an appropriate response as to eliminate or postpone the appearance of wrongdoing - including such tactics as acting stupid, using humor, reciprocating the accusation, leaving without response, or even acting deaf. The "brick busker" will take into account the persons involved, what was said, the way it was said, and who and what are around - perhaps even on a subconscious level. Calling someone a "brick busker" is usually met with confusion or misinterpretation.

Having a silver tongue or effective denial when attempting to escape guilt or shame.

Most people have some qualities, or a basic level, of a "brick busker"

A term that communicates more fear than anything else. Most people are honest, and not brick buskers.

Antonym: brick buster, or someone who tells the truth and goes directly at any situation.
"Did you see that mime over there? He was next to that brick busker who almost dropped that middle brick when he tried to throw it really high in the air."

"I snatched up the most expensive tools there, quickly threw them in my bag with the set i brought, but got accused of being a brick busker while i was leaving, so i acted confused and repeated the phrase a few times, getting it wrong usually, and kept on walking out of there."

Watching the tv show The Riches might make someone think they could be a traveller, a grifter, or a brick busker.

"It never occurred to me that he could have been a brick busker, I believed he was my friends cousin or something. I didn't notice anything missing either. Now I feel paranoid. Hopefully everything is kosher. Oh wait, he did match the desciption to a T. He probably wasn't a brick busker."
by ?0~ August 20, 2008
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