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One who is currently or does regularly demolish bricks or concrete for a sense of enjoyment or as their employment.

Someone who almost never lies.

Someone who confront most situations with in a straitforward manner, perhaps even aggressively or with a preference to physical expressions over linguistic.

Sometimes used to describe someone as being of low intelligence, high moral standing, one faced, or even homosexual.

Synonym of brute force in computer hacking.

Antonym of brick busker.
"In the movie Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon's character gets a job as a brick buster from Ben Affleck. Some of my old college professors would probably say that is full of homoerotic subtext."

"I never even brought it up, but he stops me and makes us hash it out immediately! What a brick buster!"

"That caveman is such a brick buster!"

"Most men are brick busters. Most women are brick buskers."
by ?0~ August 20, 2008
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