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a neighborhood inside of hiram clarke a notoriously known area of houston texas known for its gangs, drug's, and rap superstars such as big pokey from the screwed up click also close to where z-ro grew up.
man i went to briarwick the other day and this bitch was tryin to sell me some pussy for about $40 a nut and i like to nut like 3 times so thats $120 i can save if she gave me some pussy for free. but she wasnt listenin to me.
by pipo April 11, 2007
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A notorious neighborhood in Northeast San Antonio TX. The beginning of Irish gangs like BriarBoyZ (BBZ), BriarWick (BW), and Dirtyworkers (BWDW). the gang "BriarWick" was not only the first gang not to pay EME their "cut" but had EME pay BW 15 percent.
Many missing members of 211 are believed buried in a field in Briarwick.
Flight control, this is pilot of flight 223. We have been shot at again while flying over Briarwick.
by Rob For Green September 14, 2008
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