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bass player for old school punk band minor threat later moved on to play for the punk band bad religion. is a legend bass player in the punk rock genre
Brian Baker has been in more great punk bands than anybody else in the history of society. From Minor Threat to Government Issue to The Meatmen to Dag Nasty to Bad Religion (and a couple of non-punk stops in between), it's darn near impossible to find a record featuring this blonde bombshell that doesn't tear rockin' ass out of melodic fast good thing. The Empire Strikes First, his fifth album with Bad Religion, hit the streets in mid-'04, at which time he was kind enough to engage in a half-hour phone interview. I unfortunately didn't realize he had a call right afterwards - I was cut off midstream before getting to several other questions I wanted to ask! Here we are getting all involved in this non-musical political discussion (with me sounding as stupid and oblivious as ever), and I never even got to ask him which album he is most proud of! Or if he knows why Graffin and Gurewitz won't stop being nogoodnicks and just re-release Into The Unknown! Or (other questions as well)! Regardless, he was a very pleasant man, and our conversation can be enjoyed below. My questions are in bold. His answers are also in bold, but a much lighter, skinnier bold.
by September 12, 2009
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