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brentalfloss is a musician who puts lyric to retro-game music, like Punch-Out!!, Zelda, Final Fantasy etc with hilarious results. There is a high probability you will sing-along with him. He is hosted on ScrewAttack and is awesome. And yes, his name is spelt with a lower case b.
Sample brentalfloss lyrics

''Shapes made of four coloured blocks, like a T or a box, come down like falling bricks' (Tetris)

'I, am Mega Man! I got a motherfucking gun for a hand!' (Mega Man 3's opening music)
by MrNickster January 24, 2010
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Also known as Brent Black is the fourth cousin of Rebecca Black. He stole her musical talent like some highlander shit except without killing her. He often only uses his talent on putting lyrics to dorky retro video game titles. Unfortunatly, Rebecca Black still insists on singing even without her talent.
Brentalfloss: I was five when I got Mike Tyson's punch-out VS. Rebecca: Which seat can I take
by deep-fried pingas July 24, 2011
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