A whiny little bitch that used to play bass for Panic! at the Disco but was asked to leave because he's a complete douchebag.

At this point in time, both he AND his douchebag brother Blake are still beating the poor, dead horse; there is going to be an interview featuring Brent in the upcoming issue of Alternative Press.

Apparently, he and his brother are immature five year olds that don't know how to let things go. They occasionally send updates to random (and when I say "random" I mean all two of them) Brent-centered communities on LiveJournal, which are mostly populated by retarded twelve year olds.
Person A: Dude, did you hear what that ex-Panic! douchebag has been up to now?

Person B: Oh, you mean that pathetic Brent Wilson guy?
by oicwydt February 26, 2008
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EX bass player for the popular band Panic! At The Disco .
It was the decision of Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross and Spencer Smith to let Brent go.
It has been tough for the band as Brent is threatening them, saying that he is going to take them to court.
He is suing the band because he wants his share of the money from "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out" .
Apparently it was actually Brendon Urie who wrote the bass parts for the Record and had to simplify them for Brent to Play.
Brent has now been replaced by -friend of the band- Jon Walker.
Kid1: Who do you think is the best in Panic! at the disco?
Kid2: Ryan Ross
Kid1: I like Brendon
Kid2: Who's the worst?
Kid1: brent wilson
Kid2: Yah, he's not in the band anymore now.
Kid1: cool.
by jade17 August 17, 2006
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Brent Wilson is the ex bass player of panic! at the disco
He left recently, and has been filled in temporarily by somebody named Jon.
by .x. May 19, 2006
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Ex bass player of Panic! At The Disco.
Replaced by J-Walk Jon Walker
Last seen working at a Mickey Ds in Vegas.
Lawlz JK
only notrly
Brent:Hi may I take your order? *wink*
Kid: Lawlz no Brent Wilson.
by Sara D. September 27, 2006
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That one douchebag who used to be in Panic! at the Disco but got asked to leave because he's a loser and was probably on LSD. Likely to be selling crack on the streets.
Person 1: Hey remember that dickhead that used to be in Panic! with the creepy look on his face?
Person 2: *shudders* Yeah.
Person 1: What was his name?
Person 2: Um... uumm... oh yeah! Brent Wilson.
by Flooded Lungs December 22, 2009
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Person 1: I pray to Brent Wilson nightly
Person 2: Holy shit no way! Me too!
by throambrent July 9, 2019
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