breastfast - (v.) ,(n.) - refers to the early part of a morning whenyour waking up and need to break your fast not with food , but with indulging in and motorboatin' the shit out of some nice big breasts. to break your fast with breasts.......breastfast ( breastfasting)
as i woke up , i looked over and saw the huge tits on the girl from last night. i decided to get up and have breastfast.


i seen this dude this morning in the other apartment without the blinds closed straight breastfasting on his wife
by wterasta March 11, 2010
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The short period in a human male's life where he isn't always thinking about boobs. Starts after breastfeeding ceases and finishes at puberty.
I used to be a huge comic book fan, but I lost interest after breastfast.
by neonwombat August 04, 2009
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