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a great rhcp is on blood sex sugar magik
twistin and turnin,your feelings are burning.your breaking the girl.she ment you no harm
by futuramafan May 21, 2008
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An indie-rock band hailing from around the Bournemouth area of the United Kingdom, who share a love of smoking illegal substances, writing catchy songs and confusing people through a variety of random myspace messages.
Pizz: 'What'?!
Everyone else: 'Shut up Pizz'
Joe: 'Hi, we're Breaking The Girl'


Duff: 'Joe, you're not Jesus Christ'
JD: 'Well I can't disprove it, so I'm not going to argue with it'
Duff: 'Fine, Joe, walk on water'
Joe: 'Erm....'
Duff: 'Go on, if you're the son of God, you can walk on water'
Joe: 'Erm'
JD: 'Pass the joint@
by Joe, Duff, JD and Pizz October 03, 2006
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