To smoke enough DMT for a very immersive and intense trip, usually lasts around 15 minutes and in which almost all connection to the real world is lost. Many who have broken through describe it as a life changing experience, but other than that the trip is indescribable.
Yo man I got some DMT u wanna break through tonight?
Nah man I did last night, that was some freaky shit.
by dsltmd November 2, 2011
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When wiping and one puntures the toilet paper causing a little stink finger
I was wiping my ass and had a little break through and got some shit on my fingers.
by Ivan Wackenoff October 19, 2004
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It’s break up sex, but you are not dating. It is the last time you two have sex.
Charlie: yo, last night together

Lily: we need to make it memorable

Charlie: we should have break through sex
by Yoloerrrrrrr January 24, 2022
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