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(Verb) To have an intense, exclusive, one-sided conversation with another person in a social setting. Derived as a makeshift compound word, inspired by the pivotal scene in the movie “Braveheart” where William Wallace (played by Mel Gibson) gives a passionate, heartfelt speech atop a horse while his charges listen attentively. Bravehorsing is generally initiated by an intoxicated partygoer forcing banter on an often involuntary and unwitting victim. Although the person bravehorsing always believes the discussion is of paramount importance, the other party generally disagrees and is usually made quite uncomfortable. Simultaneous bravehorsing is possible, and also quite common between two especially drunk people.
1. "Look at him, just pouring his heart out about his ex to that girl right at the bar…he’s totally bravehorsing her."
2. Person 1: "Where are Elle and Ryan?"
Person 2: "They’re outside bravehorsing the shit out of each other. Looks like they’ll be gone for a while."
3. "Dude check out that girls fachays…I’m gonna just bravehorse her until she comes home with me."
4. "We need to talk. Watch out, I’m probably gonna bravehorse you pretty bad."
5. "Oh man, you were stuck in that conversation for like 2 hours! You got bravehorsed bad."
6. "Hey go bravehorse those chicks across the bar...I'll swoop in if it looks like you're struggling."
by ericj69 April 16, 2008
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